Environmental Capital, Changwon

Changwon is located at the southeastern end of Korean Peninsula, It is a time-honored city with 600 years of history. As the first planned city in Korea, Changwon developed into the most livable and business-friendly city in the nation.

It has four distinctive seasons, an area of 743.81㎢, and a population of 1.1million. The city itself integrated into the largest local government in Korea.

City of Changwon has established its policies to reach Environmental Capital in the World with partnerships of Citizens, NGO and other institutions. It is now taking a big leap forward to becoming an innovative ecocity and the World's Environmental Capital based on citizen participation and effort.

Recognized for its culture of partnership and teamwork, Changwon is also known for its environmentally sustainable policies. Here are some approaches of what makes Changwon a Environmental Capital city :

  • Secure Blue Sky with Clean air
  • Eco-stream restoration and safe water supply
  • Construct eco-green way connecting networks
  • Creating eco friendly urban area
  • Transforming into a green transportation system
  • Establishing recycling resources management system
  • Supplying sustainable energy resources
  • Creating Eco-Community

Especially, to create a city with a pleasant & convenient green transportation system, it is promoting the usage of bicycles by introducing "Nubija", Public Bike System with over 3,300 public bikes and 163 parking stations all around city area.

Current Membership of Nubija is reached 76,579 cases and average travel distance a day is 4,396km. To contribute the climate changes, it shows that total 5,900tons of CO2 reduced by using Nubija.

There is still much to be done, to become a world Environmental capital. However, City of Changwon continuously will try our best to reach the goals to become a world Environmental capital in the world and this conference will bring you aboundant knowledges to create sustainable communities.

Visit www.changwon.go.kr to learn more about the host city.