EcoMobility Changwon 2011: Highlights

• Congress key messages: the 3 "I"s
Intermodality, Innovation and Information

• Inversion of the mobility paradigm 

We need to build cities around people and not around cars.
Keynote speaker, Gil Penalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities, made an inspiring keynote address, encouraging cities to make fundamental changes in their approach to the challenge of urban mobility towards ecomobile solutions.

• Real time information for a better urban mobility
How can we use modern technologies to make our cities more sustainable? Carlo Ratti, Director of Senseable City Lab at MIT, presented some ambitious projects using real time information technologies to better understand mobility in cities and to promote citizens’ behavioral changes in the choice of means of transportation.

• Use and share it: don’t own it!
Many presenters stressed the need to change the ownership approach to urban mobility. The future of cities will be based on shared transportation resources (bike sharing and car sharing).

• Renewables: the way to go for eco-mobile energy needs
We are using the wrong energy and the wrong technology for our urban mobility work. The solution is renewable energy.
Carel Snyman, Director of GridCars summarized in these words the general message from the congress. If electric vehicles are to be integrated in the EcoMobility solution, their energy needs to come from renewable sources.

• Cities in the spotlight: Challenges workshops and Mayors’ roundtable
Almada (Portugal), Marikina (Philippines) and Kampala (Uganda) presented their eco-mobile challenges to the congress audience. Local leaders engaged in a panel discussion highlighting factors, challenges but also achievements while implementing EcoMobility policies.
Use fact to argue your case in your local media and report what is going on in other cities to promote eco-mobile cities. Mobilize your community as its support is crucial for an effective implementation of EcoMobility stated Stephen Yarwood, Mayor of Adelaide, Australia.

• Launch of the new EcoMobility Alliance
Changwon City and ICLEI have selected pioneer cities from all over the world which are eager to take on the challenge of becoming cities of EcoMobility excellence. The vision is that of vibrant cities where citizens can enjoy a high quality of life and access goods, services, people and information in a sustainable way. The Mayor of Changwon, Wan-su Park, will chair the Alliance in its first phase.

• Announcement of the EcoMobility Festival project
ICLEI and UN-HABITAT have jointly announced the EcoMobility Festival project. A pilot city will demonstrate to the world how an eco-mobile future will look like, with a neighborhood serving as a stage on which citizens will perform an eco-mobile life. The City of Suwon, Republic of Korea, has decided to take on the challenge and implement such an ambitious project.

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