Saturday, 22 October - Forerunners of Today

8:00 Registration opens

9:30-11:00 Opening and welcome address

  • Chair: Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability 
  • Wan-Su Park, Mayor, Changwon City (Republic of Korea) 
  • Manfred Breithaupt, director of the Sustainable Urban Transport Project, GIZ – deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit: Sustainable transport in developing cities: Factors for success 
  • Gil Peñalosa, Executive Director, 8–80 Cities: Creating vibrant and healthy cities for all: from 8 to 80

11:30-13:30 Plenary session: EcoMobile cities around the World

Senior city representatives presented some of the best EcoMobility case studies from around the world. Participants learned how cities’ achievements were reached, which challenges were faced during the implementation of mobility plans and how environmentally friendly modes such as walking, cycling and public transport were favored so citizens can move without a private car. Moreover, Changwon presented its achievements towards EcoMobility such as the implementation of the public bicycle sharing system NUBIJA, and introduced new and comprehensive plans to transform the city into the Environmental Capital of Korea.

13:30-15:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Plenary session: Mainstreaming EcoMobility

This plenary explored why EcoMobility is important as a contributor for sustainable development, and the social, environmental and economic benefits it delivers. Excellent examples of integrated EcoMobility approaches were presented.

17:00-17:30 EcoMobility exchange

The marketplace space served to provide visuals and facilitate interaction by displaying videos and images of various EcoMobility projects and encouraging participants to talk to experts, producers, and service providers.

17:30-19:00  Parallel sessions

A1 Bike sharing systems: Integrating bike sharing with the transportation system

A bicycle sharing system can play a major role to play in the city’s overall transportation system, such as increasing the use of public transport by providing an efficient solution to the “last mile” problem. This session focused on seamlessly integrating a bike sharing system with the overall transportation system in order to fully tap into its EcoMobility potential.

B1 EcoMobility innovation: Services and systems to promote EcoMobility

Various services and systems are needed to support a coherent EcoMobility strategy. This session looked at such innovations as integrated ticketing, car-sharing, car-pooling and flexible door-to-door transports.

C1 Overcoming barriers: Solutions for challenging situations

Sometimes people try to find good reasons to make their private cars seem indispensable. However, there are in fact excellent EcoMobility solutions for situations where the private car appears to be the only option. Examples include public elevators in hilly cities, efficient pavement cleaning in snow affected cities, bicycle trailers to transport kids to school or goods from the grocery store, etc.

19:00 Dinner