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Monday 24 October 2011, Day 3

• Information strategies to influence human behavior
Marketing and communication are key tools to promote and sustain positive changes in human behavior. It is not just about augmenting the numbers of cyclists and walkers, it is also about retaining those numbers especially in developing countries where replacement potential is high, said Philippe Crist, Administrator, International Transport Forum. 

• The ingredients of the city for people
Not only pedestrians, cyclists and public transit contribute to the perfect recipe for an eco-mobile city: public space is the glue that brings these elements together and determines the success of an integrated, efficient and sustainable urban mobility system.

• Let’s walk the talk: the time for bold decisions has come!
Change does not always happen with consensus: local leaders should not be afraid to be pioneers and take formal steps towards EcoMobility implementation.


Sunday 23 October 2011, Day 2

• Real time information for a better urban mobility  
How can we use modern technologies to make our cities more sustainable? 
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• Use and share it: don’t own it!
Many presenters stressed the need to change the ownership approach to urban mobility. The future of cities will be based on shared transportation resources (bike sharing and car sharing). 

• Renewables: the way to go for eco-mobile energy needs 
If electric vehicles are to be integrated in the EcoMobility solution, their energy needs to come from renewable sources. Read more

• Cities in the spotlight: Challenges workshops and Mayors’ roundtable
Local decision makers and experts engaged in panel discussions and workshops highlighting factors, challenges but also achievements while implementing EcoMobility policies. Read more

• Launch of the new EcoMobility Alliance
Changwon City and ICLEI have selected pioneer cities from all over the world which are eager to take on the challenge of becoming cities of EcoMobility excellence. Read more

• Announcement of the EcoMobility Festival project
ICLEI and UN-HABITAT have jointly announced the EcoMobility Festival project. Read more

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Saturday 22 October 2011, Day 1

• Inversion of the mobility paradigm
We need to build cities around people and not around cars.
Keynote speaker, Gil Penalosa, Executive Director of 8-80 Cities, made an inspiring keynote address, encouraging cities to make fundamental changes in their approach to the challenge of urban mobility towards ecomobile solutions.

• Sharing local best practices Outstanding EcoMobile local governments around the world (Changwon and Seoul, Republic of Korea, Tokyo and Toyama, Japan and Boulder, USA) showcased the steps taken towards sustainable urban transport.

• Key messages of the day: the 3 "I"s
Intermodality, Innovation and Information

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