Gil Peñalosa (8-80 Cities), notable keynote speaker with a large experience in sustainable mobility, will be opening the congress.

Several mayors and city repsentatives have also confirmed their presence:

  • Young Gyu Kwon (Seoul, Korea)
  • Wan-Su Park (Changwon, Korea)
  • Yum Tae-Yeong (Suwon, Korea)
  • Akira Murakami (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Stephen Yarwood (Adelaide, Australia)
  • Masashi Mori (Toyama, Japan)
  • Brian Shanahan (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Fernando Nunes da Silva (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Catarina Freitas (Almada, Portugal)
  • Devecz Miklos (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Jate Sopitpongstorn (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Tracy Winfree (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
  • Felipe Morales (Bogota, Colombia)

Speakers from international and governmental organizations include:

  • Rae Kwon Chung (UNESCAP)
  • Manfred Breithaupt (GIZ)
  • Lloyd Wright (ADB)

From the non-governmental area,

  • Li Shanshan (ITDP China)
  • Bernhard Ensink (ECF)
  • Waltraut Ritter (Hong Kong Foresight Centre)
  • Bert Fabian (CAI Asia)
  • Cornie Huizenga (SloCaT Partnership)
  • Dawn Chui (UITP)
  • Jürgen Perschon (EURIST)

Speakers with a research background include:

  • Carlo Ratti (MIT)
  • Florian Lennert (LSE)
  • Shivanand Swamy (CEPT University)
  • Pan Haixiao (Tongji University)

From the business community, speakers include:

  • Robin Chase (Founder & CEO of Buzzcar, and founder of Zipcar)
  • Eric Britton (New Mobility)
  • Robert Stussi (Perform Energy)
  • Hendrik Mlasowsky (Choice GmbH)