Congress elements and program

The vision: Transforming EcoMobility into the main urban transportation solution

We are living on a planet under stress. The dominance of the car in cities is one of the key factors that accounts for this global challenge. While citizens have a plethora of sustainable mobility solutions available to them, EcoMobility is still not gaining sufficient attention or usage. There is no time to waste, nor can our cities find themselves increasingly in the center of conflicting interests and needs. We urgently need to create an EcoMobility culture to restore livability of our cities, democratize mobility, and help to mitigate climate change. Let’s do it!

Sharing knowledge: Profit from the combined knowledge of decision-makers, experts and advocates

Making sustainable transportation solutions the preferred choice of the majority of the population is the task at hand. Typical piecemeal approaches are beneficial, but the challenge is complex and requires an integrated approach and the joint contribution of different fields of expertise. EcoMobility 2011 brought together the players whose concerted effort can make a change: urban planners, politicians, business and industry representatives, IT professionals, transportation experts, NGO members, researchers and officers from international organizations.

Diversity of experiences: Marketplace, plenary and parallel sessions, workshops, and study visits

Participants engaged in a range of learning and knowledge-sharing experiences. Plenary sessions with motivating keynote speakers were complemented by workshops and study visits in the region of Changwon.

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