Changwon city tour: how to register

If you are interested in learning more about the host city Changwon, you are cordially invited to join a city tour on Monday, 24 October 2011. Please indicate your attendance to us in the registration form.

You need to identify the 1 tour which interests you the most in your registration. City tour locations are subject to change according to the number of participants.

  • Tour 1: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction → House of Changwon
  • Tour 2: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute → Seongjusa
  • Tour 3: Junam Wetlands

Tour 1: Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction - House of Changwon

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has been striving to create the environment in which the nature and human beings exist in harmony by producing innovative products such as wind Power, Fuel Cells, Superconducting Generator/Motor, USC, IGCC, PCC, Oxy Fuel etc.

Tour: watching promotion materials (15’) – visiting information center (20’) –
a tour through an outside of factory (20’)

House of Chagwon

Once home of a renowned local Neo-Confucian scholar named Ducheol (a.k.a. Toeeun), a 5th-generation ancestor of An Taek-yeong, this house is now used as a learning center for traditional lifestyle and culture. Built on a site of 10,209, the house contains 14 buildings including those exhibiting collections of farming tools.

Tour 2: Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute - Seongjusa

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute

Since its establishment in 1976, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) has been carrying out R&Ds on electrotechnology. For the last 30 years, KERI has also achieved a variety of technological achievements for power system, power industry, electric materials and electronics medicare instruments including IT convergence technologies as well.

Seongjusa (Temple)

Seongjusa Temple was established about 1,100 years ago to honor the achievement of State Preceptor Muyeom who expelled Japanese pirates by magical power. According to records, the great achievement led King Heungdeok of Silla to grant him the title of State Preceptor along with slaves and farming fields and build a temple with the name Seongjusa which literally means "Temple for the Sage's Residence". The original buildings were burnt down during the 1592 Japanese Invasion, and rebuilt during the reign of King Sukjong and King Sunjo. The temple is also called Ungsinsa ("Bear God Temple") or Gomjeol ("Bear Temple") from the legend that a bear helped build the temple by carrying all the lumbers required to build the temple from the forest to the building site in a single night.

Tour 3: Junam Wetlands

One of the Korea's major bird sanctuaries, Junam Wetlands Park has several tens of thousands migratory birds in about 20 species flocked from north in November to create exciting natural scenes. The park also provides safe habitats for various resident and summer migratory birds.