Sunday, 23 October - Visions for the Future

9:00-11:00 Plenary session: Envisioning the future EcoMobile city

The time is ripe to explore visionary ideas and possible scenarios for the future of urban mobility. Climate change, increasing urbanization (combined with urban sprawl or even urban decay), as well as profound socio-demographic changes are some of the key factors that will play a major role in shaping future solutions for urban mobility.

11:00-13:30 Changwon bicycle system tour and lunch

Participants experienced the innovative and high-tech Changwon NUBIJA bicycle sharing system and learned how it has been developed over the years. Participants not only had a chance to ride a bike, but also visited the control room from where the system is managed.

13:30-15:00 Parallel sessions

A2 Bike sharing systems: Bicycles, maintenance and system operation

A number of different bicycle types are available on the market. This session explored available options in terms of vehicles and system management and operation. This includes tackling such issues as bicycle maintenance and replacement, control of bicycle availability throughout the city and methods to prevent bicycle theft.

B2 EcoMobility innovation: E-mobility and intelligent transport systems

A large part of the innovation in the transport sector concentrates on electrical mobility and on intelligent transport systems. E-mobility presents threats (e.g., the so-called “green congestion”) but also opportunities (e-bikes improving accessibility of cycling). Intelligent transport systems, in turn, comprise a large variety of technologies. Examples include congestion charges, fleet management and traffic sign optimization.

C2 Overcoming barriers: Achieving intermodality

Intermodality is often the Achilles’ heel of the transportation system. Different modes, usually run by different operators, often lack coordination. This session provided some excellent examples of intermodality and how they promote EcoMobility.

15:00-15:30 EcoMobility marketplace

15:30-17:00 Workshop1: City Challenges Workshops

An opportunity for cities to obtain immediate and in-depth feedback on how to solve specific EcoMobility challenges and problems. The debate was centered on one case at a time. Participants from different professional backgrounds (e.g. local governments, academia, the private sector, NGOs) contributed possible solutions of how the city could deal with the issues at hand.

  • Workshop 1: Almada, Portugal
    • Moderator: Kirstin Miller, Executive director, Ecocity Builders
    • Catarina Freitas, director of the Environmental Management department, City of Almada (Portugal) : Almada’s experience towards urban sustainable mobility
    • Robert Stussi, President, Perform Energy and Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association
  • Workshop 2: Marikina, Philippines
    • Moderator: Chan-Won Lee, Gyeongnam University
    • Del De Guzman, Mayor, City of Marikina (Philippines) : Marikina : A bicycle-friendly city
    • Nam-Cheol Baik, Director/Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Construction Technology
  • Workshop 3: Kampala, Uganda 
    • Moderator: Waltraut Ritter, Research Director, Hong Kong Foresight Centre
    • Emmanuel Serunjoji, Chairman of the Mayor’s International Advisory Committee, Kampala Capital Authority (Uganda): EcoMobility in Africa: a case study from Kampala City
    • Manfred Breithaupt, director of the Sustainable Urban Transport Project, GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

15:30-17:00 Workshop2: Doubling the market share of public transport through sustainable mobility

Organized by UITP – International Association of Public Transport.

17:30-19:00 Plenary session: Mayor's round table

Mayors and high-level city representatives discussed the major success factors, barriers and challenges when implementing EcoMobility policies.

  • Chair: Konrad Otto-Zimmermann, Secretary General, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Fernando Nunes da Silva, deputy Mayor, City of Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Jong-Boo Kim, deputy Mayor, Changwon City (republic of Korea)
  • Shih-Fang Liu, deputy Mayor, City of Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei)
  • Stephen Yarwood, Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Tae-Young Yeom, Mayor, City of Suwon (republic of Korea)
  • Tracy Winfree, director of Public Works for Transportation, City of Boulder (USA)

19:00 Dinner

EcoMobility Alliance launch and film showing.